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Marche is good!

I’ve already introduced you to Marche here in the blog. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with it when you visited Italy…perhaps you have never been to Marche, but you’d love to…Perhaps you can visit Marche without catching a flight to Italy!!!…Huh?! Yeah, that’s right! If you’re in New York (USA) […]

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Oh no! Veuve Clicquot down the road!

Hundreds of cases of Veuve Clicquot down the drain road! On September 18th, an 18-wheeler (Wow! What a coincidence!) crashed and spilled Champagne (which goes for about $40/bottle) all over the I-395 in Griswold, Connecticut (USA) – a busy highway. The cleanup crews were in no mood to party, though. […]

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Wine Math – Italy

Let’s take a brief overview of Italy, shall we?!   In 2010, Italy had 625 thousand hectares under vine; There are 355 indigenous grapes in Italy – a world record; Sangiovese is the most widely grown grape in Italy (72 thousand hectares); followed by Trebbiano (56 thousand hectares), Montepulciano and […]