Cité du Vin, a sort of wonderful “Adult-Wine-Disneyland”, opens to the public today! And I can’t wait to visit it!!!

Located in Bordeaux and designed by the French XTU Architects in collaboration with the English design experts from Casson Mann; the project has taken 8 years to be conceived. Its shape has blossomed from an idea of Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmaziéres, who wanted to mimic “the swirl of wine moving in a glass, the coiled movement of a grapevine, the ebb and flow of the Garonne.” The sensual curves recur in and outside the facility, providing a surrounding sense of fluid movement.

According to Cité du Vin, visitors can spend around 2 hours exploring the whole place, but I could easily spend the whole day long there. There are so many things to do and to see, so it would certainly keep me fully entertained for 8 or 9 hours. That’s because the 13,350 m2 structure is split in 10 levels and a bookshop, a restaurant, a wine bar and wine store can be found on the ground floor – and those would already keep me busy for several hours!


A trip-by-the-glass

Can you believe it? You can find more than 14,000 bottles of 800 different wines (chosen by Andreas Larsson and Michel Rolland) from more than 80 different countries at the wine cellar – a fabulous world wine tour in one place which shows that there’s wine-life beyond France and Italy! You can watch informational videos about the wines and taste some of them at the wine bar; indulging in a trip-by-the-glass to exotic places, such as Brazil, Tahiti or Bali.


Plenty to see

Apart from that, there’s a temporary exhibition area, a reading room (accessible free of charge), tasting workshops and a 250-seater auditorium (which hosts concerts, lectures and screenings), among others. During the Euro 2016, for instance, from 11 June to 2 July, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the live broadcast of 5 matches at the high-tech auditorium and to taste wines from the countries involved.

Moreover, there’s the permanent exhibition area, which provides audio visual material about Bacchus’ realm 360 degrees: different terroirs across the world, arts, history, mythology and the marvellous link between men and wine. The multi-sensory tour can be done with a modern travelling companion: a hand-held guide available in 8 languages (English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Japanese).


Tired? Take a break!

If you get tired, you can go to the 8th floor, to the 35-metre-high Belvedere, in order to sip a glass of wine (a daily selection of 20 world wines), while enjoying an astonishing view of Bordeaux. Now if you need a longer break and your tummy starts rumbling, head to the 7th floor, where you can find the panoramic “Restaurant Le 7”. While enjoying the view of the Port of the Moon and the city of Bordeaux, you can delight your palate with its international cuisine and the wonderful selection of wines. The hard part is choosing, because there are 500 bottles on the wine list!


Useful information

You can reach the Cité du Vin by: tram, bus, car, bicycle or boat. Yes, you can arrive by boat! Cité du Vin docks for tourist boats too. Trés chic!

Book all the tickets in advance on their website (which is, by the way, well done and full of juicy information)! As far as 2016 is concerned, the opening hours are:



Now is the time to visit Bordeaux! Cité du Vin is officially open and the Bordeaux Fête le Vin is coming up (23-26 June). Have you ever been there?

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